Rent a Dumpster for Spring Cleaning

Plan Before You rent a dumpster Center Valley PA

1 . Do your entire organizing and preparation before you schedule the rent a dumpster Center Valley PA to be delivered. There’s absolutely no point in paying for it to stand outside awaiting you.


2. Set aside an occasion period (a long week-end or vacation week) when you will be doing the cleaning.

3. Make sure the entire family is involved and is okay with what is being discarded. It is probably best that your kids handle their own rooms in addition to helping with the rest of the house. This will likely be an incentive for them to help keep things neat once the cleaning is complete.

4. Before you begin the cleaning project, go through each room, closet, attic and storage area (including the garage) and make at least a general list of items you will no longer want or need.

five. Separate anything that can be donated and find one or more organizations to which to give them. Again, if you have kids, involve them and let them help choose where they want to donate their items.

Some Logistics of rent a dumpster Center Valley PA

– It is important to rent the right-sized dumpster for the job you are undertaking. It is a great rule to get a container at least one size bigger than you think you will need. Once you start cleaning, you’ll be surprised how much unwanted and unused stuff you have.

2. If you have a homeowner’s association, find out if indeed they have any regulations about placing a dumpster outside your home, and if there is a time frame. If you live in an apartment, consult your manager.

3. Be sure that the truck that is dropping off and picking up your dumpster has enough room to maneuver. Be specific with them about where you want it placed. It is best to have someone in the home, particularly for drop off, to ensure that the dumpster is left in the right place. Avoid garbage pick-up days, and perchance weekends if your street or drive gets busy with cars and other vehicles.

Questions to Ask When Shopping Around

1 . When shopping around for a rent a dumpster Center Valley PA company, find out what their pricing schedule is. Some have fees based on weight, while others charge by the day, week or month. Do some comparison shopping. As with size, it’s best to overestimate rather than underestimate the time you will need the dumpster. Allow yourself an extra day or two. Make sure that the cost you are quoted includes delivery, pick-up and disposal of all waste material.

2. Be sure that the rent a dumpster Center Valley PA company will sort recyclables for you personally, so that you do not have to worry about it. Check with any company you are considering on that.

3. Find out what items the company will not take. Generally, they will not take hazardous or toxic items, including batteries, fluorescent lights, tires, car parts, paint, appliances, electronics and oil. If you have some of these, ask the company for tips about where and how to dump them.

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